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Museum Ship Weekend June 1-2, 2024

Once again, The USS Tennessee BB43 WWII Remembrance Museum will be on the air as a special event station. This fun event allows us the opportunity to honor those who served on the ship and to promote the museum.

The plans are all set and we are looking forward to getting you in the logbook!

USS Tennessee QSL Cards

In 2023 there were 102 ships/museums that activated for the special weekend event. We were able to make about 1200 contacts from amateur radio operators from around the world. Over 200 QSL cards were requested last year, and we hope to have even more requests this year. The USS Tennessee BB43 WWII Remembrance Museum will be on the air with multiple radios and multiple operators. We will focus on SSB but may have a FT8 digital and CW presence as well. 

USS Tennessee QSL card requests should be mailed to:

Big South Fork Amateur Radio Club

ATTN: QSL Manager

PO Box 5029

Oneida, TN 37841-5029

Need help? email us at W4BSF at BSFARC.ORG

All requests must be received prior to July 31, 2024, and include a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE). No need to send us your QSL card. USS Tennessee QSL cards will be mailed out starting in June and should be complete by August 2024.

See below for additional information if you want a certificate for contact more than 15 ships (this is NOT through our club)

Museum Ship Weekend Event

Stations making contact with at least 15 different ships/stations that are approved for the event (we are an approved station) receive a certificate. Stations will submit their logs directly to the event coordinator (Museum Ship Weekend coordinator’s web site at and as an activator we submit our log as well. Our logs will also be uploaded to QRZ and LoTW in late June. The NJBB event coordinator will then do the matching process and eliminate any duplicate contacts (even if a different frequency or mode). Only one contact per ship is credited towards their certificate. Working the same ship on different frequencies or different modes DOES NOT count as two (2) ships. Working a ship/museum not listed on their web site will not count. It should be noted that certificates are typically mailed by the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station in the October/November time frame.

At a minimum, a list of the ships worked, the ship names, their call signs, date, and time of QSO in UTC will need to be submitted for the special certificate. See the Museum Ship Weekend coordinator’s web site at for more information and how to request a certificate. We would like to thank the members of the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station and for the staff at the USS Tennessee BB43 WWII Remembrance Museum for their continued effort to make this event possible.

About the Museum

The USS Tennessee BB43 WWII Remembrance Museum is located on the campus of Scott High School in Oneida Tennessee. The museum has a large collection of WWII memorabilia in addition to the largest collection of USS Tennessee artifacts from the actual ship. The ship’s bell is predominantly displayed at the entrance to the museum. There is no charge to tour the museum on days that it is open (see link below for days and hours). The museum WILL be open to the public on Saturday, June 1st. Stop by and say hello!

The entire weekend is coordinated by the Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station (BNJARS) and they are an ARRL affiliated club like us. For more information check out their web site with the external link below:

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