Local Repeaters

The Big South Fork region has excellent coverage for both 2-meter VHF and 70-cm UHF bands. Most of the repeaters shown below provide additional coverage in adjacent counties. Let us know if you need help in setting up your radio as we look forward to hearing you on the air. There are also numerous NETS that licensed operators may particpate in.


Freq                   Offset                  Tone

147.090               +0.6MHz               No Tone

443.625              +5.0MHz                No Tone


Freq          Offset         Tone

147.255          +0.6MHz         94.8       

443.450       +5.0MHz        No Tone


Freq          Offset         Tone

145.350      -0.6MHz         77.0 

442.825     +5.0MHz        77.0

Do you need help in programming you radio for our local repeaters? Just let us know by stopping by at one of our meetings!

Other repeaters in our general area:

Campbell County, TN

 Freq      Offset       Tone   

145.020       +0.6 MHz      No Tone     

145.130      -0.6 MHz     100.0/100.0   

147.360      +0.6MHz      100.0/100.0

 444.550      +5.0MHz       77.0              

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